Marketing Surveys and Statistical Analysis (MSSA) was founded in 1994 by Schalk van Vuuren. Our approach is to research the role and relationships of awareness, need, perceptions about your brand or service and price sensitivity. The extent of its influence as drivers on customer behaviour, is modelled in a multivariate way, as is shown below:

Behaviour = awareness + needs+ perception + price

Use Marketing Surveys & Statistical Analysis (MSSA's) competent research team to conduct the market research for your company. Marketing Surveys & Statistical Analysis (MSSA) lends its expertise in the following market research services:

  • Scientific sampling;
  • Field work (personal, telephone, postal, e-based surveys);
  • In-depth interviews;
  • Statistical analysis and consultancy;
  • Value Analysis Modelling;
  • Market segmentation;
  • Product features analysis;
  • Perceptual mapping;
  • Strategic recommendations;
  • Implementation of recommendations through workshops;
  • Set guiding principles for strategic marketing research and knowledge management processes in your organisation; and
  • Supervise through monitoring and evaluation guidelines, the above.

MSSA staff

The company has a complement of field coordinators and an extensive part-time team of approximately 200 field workers in all metropolitan areas of the country.

Affirmative Action Policy

  • 66% of full time staff at MSSA are from a previously disadvantaged background.
  • MSSA supports its previously disadvantaged staff with loans for personal needs, bursaries, financial support for their children's studies and financial support for home loans.
  • Almost 80% of the fieldworkers are from previously disadvantaged communities and the fieldwork is sub-contracted to them. In most cases, a percentage of the total cost is channelled back to the community in this way.
  • MSSA also has a programme of development for its staff and they attend regular training sessions provided by the South African Marketing Research Association and MSSA (statistical training).

MSSA associates

Dr Kosie de Villiers Associates - Marketing Consultant and Lecturer at Stellenbosch Business School.


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